Congratulations to the 2010 Winners!

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May 4, 2010 by jrwatson5

With a canopy of red umbrellas provided by Travelers Insurance suspended over the main stage Sunday afternoon, 70 talented young WITS writers wowed the crowd.  Students from across Houston from grades K – 12 astonished the audience, as they read their best work of the school year. Keynote speaker Ada Edwards praised the students for their achievements to an audience of family members, WITS supporters, and passersby.

WITS celebrated the students who participated in our Young Writers Reading on May 2, 2010, at Discovery Green.  The student work was selected from a juried competition of 16,000 students in WITS classrooms, community centers, and hospital sites and 93 winners were featured in our yearly anthology, Blooms. Copies of the book can be purchased for 10$ which includes shipping and handling. Congratulations to the following students:

Noah Ali
Marcos Anderson
Emily Baker
Nicolas Barobsa Popoca
Colin Basquette
Mateo Bastidas
Sidharth Belaguli
Julian Biekman
Stephen Brinson
Antonio Castro
Hannah Chang
Deovion Chavez
Maria Chavez
Jonathan Chivis
Emma Cate Clarkson
Monica Contreras
Allissa Cordell
Ashley Dao
Benjamin Dauber
Nelson Davis
Jacob Davis
Hailee Davlin
Ananda Dimock
Jonothon Durodola
Erica Eagleson
Katherine Escobar
Fadila Farag
Luis Flores
Devon Fomby
Camila Fonseca
Dari Gabriel
Gracie Gallay
Josseline Garay
Amrita Gattani
Allison Gerald
Sarah Gerald
Rebeca Gonzalez
Morgan Goodie
Brittany Hawkins
Luis Hernandez
René Hernañdez
Ashley Herrera
Daniel Hill
Nicole Hinds
Thomas Hinds
Joshua Howard
Valerie Ige
Sasha Jefferson
Christopher Jones
Jessica Junkans
Claire Kardesch
James LeBlanc
Kasy Leon
Morgan Levine
Ashley Liu
Karina Llamas
Sierra Lopez
Jake Love
Alyyah Malick
Luis Martinez
Carlos Mata
Sheila Melo
Yeinelda Mendoza
Michelle Miao
Michael Montanez
Paul Morales
Ioana Nechiti
Grace Nguyen
Menna Nicola
Megan Noser
Felicia Oentoro
Mark Pantoja
Janet Parra
Wilson Ramirez
Brandon Randall
Linzhe Real
Chloe Rodriguez
Paulina Rodriguez
Dylan Sanchez
Eduardo Sanchez
Hannah Simonds
Mykayla Sockwell
Keyon Tolbert
Vietcan Tran
Alvin Tran
Jonah van  Campen
KeJahnai Williams
Jared Wilson
Ashley Wynn
Annmarie Youtt
Francie Zenner
Julia Zheng
Yerulan Zikibayev

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