Outside Writing is Better


September 21, 2010 by jrwatson5

Monkey Bars

Image by Special via Flickr

Out here is better than the classroom

The wind can blow sunshine on our faces as we write

We can see the clouds puff up white like cotton

and float away somewhere or into nothing,

The sky looks bluer out here . . . I can hear the speeding cars passing

A red Ford truck sounds like it’s broken

Everly lets go of his paper to make us laugh

We are exploring poetry

Out here is better than the classroom

We can walk out of line and talk out of turn

question without raising our hands

answer out loud

“Rhyme is only important sometimes,” says Mr. Al

Mrs. Smith gives us more ideas

We can see the far-off flowers

the houses two blocks away, the smooth metal monkey bars, and the

orange motorcycle on a flat.

The time goes by fast

I would like to take off my shoes and play freeze tag by the swings

Out here is better than the classroom

I can think better

Close walls are not all around us

I don’t feel short or small

The tall trees are so quiet, I want to climb to the very top

Here comes Lee, I wonder what he wants

I found a good luck penny on the sidewalk

Two boys run past the basketball goals and bump into each other

The ball bounces the other way

I hope we can go hunting for poetry again

Out here is better than the classroom.

By Kiera, 4th Grade


One thought on “Outside Writing is Better

  1. Marsha Hart-Coles says:

    Keep writing Kiera! You made me see what you were seeing. I have to work inside right now, and your writing took me outside for a break. Beautiful work.

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