June 21st: First Day of Summer

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June 21, 2011 by WITS Editor

Your Popsicle's Melting

Image by Auntie K via Flickr


Summer afternoons, peaceful and quiet

Melting popsicles and exploding sodas

Vibrant colors from fireworks

Bursting into the pale night sky

Going to my lake and sailing like a boat gliding or flying

Sitting on hot sand, burning my legs and back

Summer is tossing, turning in new green grass like rain that falls

Eating pink and white icing on my birthday

Playing for hours with my friends

Sucking on watermelon and spitting the seeds

into the air like flying black sparrows

Getting sunburned while the orange-red sun babbles

Seeing twinkling stars in the night sky

Yawning in the day and hibernating in the night

As I sleep summer passes

until I say

Goodbye summer, hello winter

By Mekenzie, age 9


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