How the Sea Got Its Salt

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October 19, 2011 by WITS Editor

from the book Two Little Pirates by Ruth Paul

Si todos los rios son dulces/De donde saca sal el mar?  –Pablo Neruda

         Once there was a little pirate who lived on a ship in the ocean.  One morning he got two women to do a job for him.  He asked them to spin the salt in a bowl for a whole day and a whole night.  The women did a very good job, but they didn’t stop after one day and one night.  They kept spinning the salt.  When the salt was piled high, high, high, the pirate yelled, “Stop!”  But, the women still didn’t stop.  They kept spinning the salt until the boat started to tip.  Everything fell into the ocean—the pirate, the women, and the salt.  The salt kept spinning and made a whirlpool.  The pirate drowned.  The women turned into birds and flew back to the sweet rivers.  And the salt stayed in the sea.

By Jennifer, age 10


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