The Good Forest


March 21, 2012 by WITS Editor

Bears On The Beach

Bears On The Beach (Photo credit: RickC)

One day in the forest there was a mama bear and her two bear cubs, one girl and one boy.  They were trying to catch fish, and a crocodile came, but the littlest bear and the crocodile didn’t fight.  They became friends and shared the fish.  They went to the bears’ cave and the crocodile met the bears’ family.  The family didn’t like the crocodile.  The mom bear told her daughter, “Don’t be friends with that crocodile because it might be dangerous.”  The mom was right.  The crocodile was mean and hungry.  The little cub did not listen to her mom.  She thought the crocodile was nice, so she played with it.  Then, the crocodile tricked them. The little cubs were eating fish, and he came up behind them to attack.  But, the mama bear saw him.  She saved her cubs, but the crocodile bit her.  The bite was big and the mama bear couldn’t resist anymore, so the baby bears weren’t safe again.  Then, a little deer appeared and tried to help the bears.  But, the son of the crocodile came to help his dad.  The deer used her antlers to poke the crocodile.  She won.  The bears were all happy.  But, the deer was still a little mad because once at a party, the mama bear had tried to bite her, and her dad had attacked the bear.  The moral of this story is to always be nice to others because you never know when you might be in danger, even in a good forest.

By Cendi, 2nd grade


2 thoughts on “The Good Forest

  1. Trilla Pando says:

    I’ve met that crocodile! Great poem. Cendi has lots of insight here.

  2. bestkidsfun says:

    Nice poem. I enjoyed reading it

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