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April 23, 2013 by WITS Editor

headshotWith the school year reaching a close, MaryScott dedicated our time at Travis this week to one-on-one meetings with each 4th grader. After typing and then printing out some of the students’ best pieces, she met with each of them by a ‘kidney shaped’ table to discuss the next steps – from adding an illustration to selecting other pieces of writing to add to the anthology.
While MaryScott hosted the individual meetings, I flitted around the room to help students finish up their comics or sort through the work they had done with WITS this year. Since I started my WITS interneship in mid-January, there was an abundant collection of writing from each student that I had never seen before, including creative responses to work Cy Twombly paintings and the surrealists, poems based on the prompt “If the world were my chalkboard,” and more. I kept an eye on the dates as we flipped through the pages and pages of work, seeing how much was accomplished in such a short time.
Today the Travis kids face their last round of STAAR testing (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness), and then we’re down to our final two weeks together. The following Tuesday, the kids will be presenting their comics to the the rest of the class.  I’m looking forward to seeing these pieces in motion.
More from the classroom soon!
WITS Intern Eriel

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