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December 12, 2013 by WITS Houston


What kind of animal…
• squawks for food
• has rainbow feathers
• stares at you with yellow, green, and black eyes
• has a white, peach, and black beak
• makes a big racket
• snaps its sharp beak while eating
• makes a big riot
• feels smooth on its feathers
• scratches at windows
• smells spoiled and tastes rotten
• talks like people
• lives in tropical rainforests
• is very rowdy
• has a feathery body
• often lives with 80 or more friends?

English: A clock made in Revolutionary France,...

English: A clock made in Revolutionary France, showing the 10-hour metric clock. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Think it over for 10 seconds….

Answer: a parrot
By Casey, 2nd grade


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