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On the A Poem A Day blog, you can find great poems on many different topics.  You can use the search engine or peruse this index:














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34 thoughts on “Find a Poem

  1. Patrice says:

    Do you have any children’s poems about August?

  2. Linda Linke says:

    Do you have any poems about Broadway or acting in the theater?

  3. Kristina McDonald says:


    We don’t have anything already on our blog about Broadway or acting in theater, but we’re still browsing through our poetry anthologies for you.

  4. shanesia says:

    kids yall poems are very interesting keep up the good work.

  5. nfrancis says:

    any poems about pinata

  6. nfrancis, I asked our writers to look back through their anthologies. If they come up with pinata poems or stories, we’ll let you know and post them as well!

  7. eliana.ramirez says:

    im 13 and i write poems and i have 45 already [how do i publish them???]

  8. Ashlee Lee says:

    this website never has what im looking for am Im right or wrong cause im not wrong im right.

  9. Ashlee Lee says:


  10. CHONA says:

    just dropping by to say”hello”.

    Nice blog. I like your poems!

    view my blog.

  11. Amirah Love says:

    Hello my name is Amirah I would like to know to if yo have any poems about (Obama) The Road to the White House

  12. shannon says:

    i love you zack efron

  13. shannon says:

    contact me if you can

  14. shannon says:

    zack efron are you going out with ashley who playes the roal of sharpay evans in high school musical

  15. Depue says:

    Today I found this blog and are amazed by the quality of information posted here. Nowadays are very few blogs that offer quality of information ,we subscribed to your blog via RSS and we look forward the following articles

  16. mydear says:

    i can’t fin d teachers poem

  17. poetry4kids says:


    Thanks for supporting us kids to write poetry. I am Milou (11) writing funny poems for kids. If you like poetry for kids – visit my blog on: You can listen to audio recordings as well, I read my poetry aloud.

    Happy Halloween,

    P.S. Just now I have dedicated my blog to Halloween 🙂

  18. jayashree says:

    do you have any poems about seven stages of life compared with colors?.

  19. urja says:

    can have more poems

  20. urja says:

    you should also have poems on countries and cities

  21. dexxa says:

    i need some poems on tuitions………….
    PLEASE HELP……………!

  22. fadumo says:

    Iam a somali girl and I went lear some poems.

  23. hozefa says:

    happy monsoon

  24. navneet says:

    give us poems on air

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